Powder Coating in Phoenix Metro Area


Powder Coating Services and more

From mild to wild, our color selection is the largest in the valley!
The color of your choice includes selections from basic colors, to metallic, translucent, veins, neon, even glow in the dark!
We Powder Coat all kinds of items from, Automotive/Motorcycle parts, Bicycles, wrought Iron, patio furniture, as well as any all-alloy house hold goods and items!
We are motorsport enthusiasts, who know what the hobbyist and pros expect!


Powder coating ---- area based
Sandblasting rate -------- $95/hr
Welding rate ----------------- $85/hr
Chemical Stripping - area based
Minimum Shop Charge ------ $35
Premium Colors ------ 85% down
Pick up/Delivery orders of $250

Powder coating price per wheel
Steel Wheels
15 - 16 inch ------------- $75ea
Price Includes: Sandblasting and Powder coating any standard color.

Alloy Wheels
17 - 20 inch ------------ $140ea
Price includes: Chemical stripping, Sandblasting, and Powder coating any standard color.

Call for additonal wheel sizes


• Powder Coating
• Sandblasting
• Chemical Stripping
• Mig/Tig Welding
• Pick up / Drop off

*Some items may need chem cleaning for additional charge*
* All estimates, subject to change for unforeseen circumstances*

powder coating standard colors
powder coating standard colors
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